Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10)

Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) is a particularly exciting and busy time for students and staff. By now, you have certainly completed your transition into high school and now need to consider how you can use this time to better prepare yourself for Stage 6 studies and life that arrive soon after.


The PRIDE programs for Stage 5 will allow you to build on the skills and capabilities developed in Stage 4, and build your capacity to be a contributing and productive member of our local and global societies. Our PRIDE programs focus on not only developing your 21st century learning skills but also guiding you towards becoming a compassionate, ethical and socially-responsible global citizen.


Stage 5 also supports your first elected pattern of study. In Years 9 and 10, you are provided with some flexibility about your elective choices to ensure you are responsible for your own learning, and making curriculum choices to support your skills, strengths and areas of interest. Ensure you make the most of this opportunity!


Online Literacy and Numeracy enrichment continues to be a focus for students in Years 9 and 10. On top of timetables classes, all students are expected to completed weekly, online activities to support their literacy and numeracy development. Our school is proud of its achievements in the areas of literacy and numeracy, and advocate for the relationship between mastering these skills and succeeding in all areas of the curriculum, and life.


Year 10 students will target a lot of their time to considering and choosing the subjects they wish to study in Stage 6. The school developed process supports students through the consideration of a range of data, as well as individual student, parents and teacher interviews to discuss future plans and how best their pattern of study can support them.


In Stage 5, you will also have the opportunity to engage in real-world problem-solving situations through your Integrated lessons. Every semester, you will work on a unique project that will require you to apply the skills you have learnt in diverse subject areas. The purpose of the Integrated curriculum is to stimulate your innate collaborative, creative and critical thinking abilities by challenging you with projects that range from designing a learning space for the school to developing a socially-responsible small business enterprise.

Year 9

  • Integrated curriculum

  • 2 Elective subjects

  • Targeted PRIDE program


  • Targeted Literacy and Numeracy program

Year 10

  • Integrated curriculum

  • 3 Elective subjects

  • Targeted PRIDE program

  • Subject selection process

  • Targeted Literacy and Numeracy program

Key personnel

Deputy Principal - Stage 5 Leader

Mr Luke Fulwood

Year 10 Adviser

Ms Kerrie Lawton

Assistant Year 10 Adviser

Ms Cherry Smyth

School Administrative Officer

Ms Pauline Summers

HT Teaching and Learning Stage 5

Mr Saurabh Bhattacharya

Year 9 Adviser (Relieving)

Ms Gabriela Capel

Assistant Year 9 Adviser

Mr Peter Hulbert

School Administrative Officer

Ms Belinda Rizk

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