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Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8)

In Years 7 & 8, all students participate in Integrated Curriculum classes. These classes are specifically designed to enhance and promote 21st century skills to prepare them to be successful citizens in an ever changing world. Each program is designed so that the effective use of technology is central to both the delivery of explicit teaching and as a tool for students to enhance their achievement of learning outcomes and skills. Throughout lessons, students work collaboratively to solve real-world problems and complete projects where they are supported and challenged by teachers. Students in Year 7 participate in Integrated Curriculum for four periods in one semester whereas in Year 8 they participate for three periods per cycle for the entire year.

Students in Years 7 & 8 also participate in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) semesterised program. In Year 7, the STEM program runs for four periods and Year 8 three periods. In these classes, students undertake an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to inquiry project-based learning. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills with an authentic content. Similarly, Stage 4 STEM teaching and learning programs focuses on students using robotics and creating a robot that will support local residents from an aged care home, addressing a real world social issue through the skill of real-world problem solving. Not only have the focus of these programs enhanced students’ learning, it has provided the vehicle through which students can create learning alliances with members of the community.

At Macarthur Girls High School, we pride ourselves on the caring educational community we offer Stage 4 students to support their learning. We embrace collaborative and active participation which build a purposeful, rich environment for personal excellence in student learning and student achievement underpinned by a holistic wellbeing structure. Stage 4 students engage with a Year 7 & 8  PRIDE wellbeing teaching and learning program that covers the topics of  achieving, believing, confidence, diversity, goals, explore, family and friendship and harmony. These structured programs are designed to meet the specific wellbeing and learning needs of students in Stage 4.  


In Stage 4, we offer elected students leadership opportunities across the school in the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Sports Council (SPC). An additional leadership opportunity is the MGHS PRIDE leaders, who are two elected students from each roll call group. A PRIDE leader’s role is to support PRIDE teachers in the delivery of Wellbeing programs. The Year Advisor works with, and coordinates, PRIDE leaders, providing them with opportunities to design and implement teaching and learning lessons that they deliver to peers whilst being supported and aided by the PRIDE teachers.  

Year 7

  • Integrated curriculum

  • Targeted PRIDE program


  • STEM curriculum

Year 8

  • Integrated curriculum

  • Targeted PRIDE program

  • Subject selection process (electives for Year 9)

  • STEM curriculum

  • Supporting High Achievers Initiative

Key personnel

Deputy Principal (rel) - Stage 4 Leader

Ms Sue Frost

Year 8 Adviser

Ms Melika Kavoosi

Assistant Year 8 Adviser

Ms Anne Barker

School Administrative Officer

Ms Jamie Della Porta

HT Teaching and Learning - Stage 4

 Ms Jyoti Sharma

Year 7 Adviser

Ms Michelle Higham

Assistant Year 7 Adviser

Ms Alice Truong

School Administrative Officer

Ms Helen Staley