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Bullying behaviour has three key features:


  • It involves the intentional misuse of power in a relationship

  • Is ongoing and repeated

  • It involves behaviours that can cause harm  


The NSW Department of Education requires all NSW public schools to have an Anti-bullying Plan which details the strategies implemented to reduce student bullying behaviours.


Macarthur Girls High School rejects all forms of bullying. No student, employee, parent, caregiver or community member should experience bullying within the learning or working environments. Bullying can be illegal if it involves behaviours that include physical violence, threats of violence, damaging property or stalking. The school is committed to providing an environment where each student and teacher has the right to learn and teach free from harm and intimidation and where each member of the school community is valued and respected.


At Macarthur Girls High School, it is expected that all students, staff and community stakeholders will:

- model and promote positive relationships that respect and accept individual differences and diversity within the school community

- support the school’s Bullying of students: Prevention and Response Policy and Anti-Bullying Plan through words and actions

- work collaboratively to resolve incidents of bullying when they occur.

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